About us

The Janota label, Janota meaning style in Portuguese, is the creation of Angela & Edwin Pinto who live in the beautiful beach state of Goa, India.

Angela has been making clothes since she was 12 yrs. old. Besides some basic training she is mainly self taught. Initially she made clothes for herself and her family – gradually her clientele grew. After marriage she & Edwin – who was trained in pattern making & garment construction – made all types of garments ranging from Police Uniforms to Bridal Gowns. Today Angela and her team of 15 girls, who she has trained, design & produce almost anything in fabric – from lampshades to hats & bags – from cushions to skirts and dresses.

Edwin strayed away from garments and started playing around with unconventional footwear. Unhappy with the shoes available at that time he decided to make his own shoes. He set out with no formal training in shoe making. With help from some traditional craftsmen and lots of experimentation he started making shoes that defied convention. He has made a name for himself and his fantasy shoes have a special niche in the fashion world.

The bohemian ambience of Goa. The abundance of nature respledent in its virginity, and the free spirit of Goans can be seen, experienced and felt in every shoe – A true merger of free spirit, enterprise and creativity.

 You got to be special to walk in these shoes.